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persuasive design patterns

30+ visual design patterns to help you develop high converting ads & landing pages.

Design Pattern #15 : 2 Slide Story

The simplest technique of storytelling

Design Pattern #15 : 2 Slide Story

Tired of long-winded stories on landing pages that take forever to come to the point?

What if you could come to the point immediately and yet make your message more effective?

Start with breaking down your story into 2 parts,

Keep the first part as "context" and second part as "conclusion"

Some examples,

1. Before & After

2. Question & Answer

3. A Hook & A Delivery

4. If This, Then That

6. Problem & Outcome

But how do you present it?

With a simple "2 Slide Story" format,

2 Slide Story is a story communicated in 2 simple slides in a single frame. Your "context" comes in the first slide and your "conclusion" comes in the second slide.

Check 4 real world examples below👇

Use 2 Slide Story when your solution or idea is not as powerful without the context in which it exists.

Or the context enhances the need for your product or solution.

Slide 1 : Set Context

Slide 2 : Give Conclusion

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