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persuasive design patterns

30+ visual design patterns to help you develop high converting ads & landing pages.

Design Pattern #10 : Certifications

When customers outsource trust

Design Pattern #10 : Certifications

A recent survey at IBM found that including certification badges in online ads increased click-through rates. This is likely because certification badges provide a sense of trust and credibility.

But why do they work?

Because it is verified by third party:

Certification badges let potential customers know that the product or service has been vetted & validated by an expert organization.

Here are 5 real world examples of Persuasive Design Pattern #10 : Certification Badges

Use Certification Badge Design Pattern, if your customers want assurance about :

- Purity of the product with no adulteration

- Quality standards of your manufacturing process

- Safety of your product if it needs to be consumed, inhaled or applied on skin

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