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persuasive design patterns

30+ visual design patterns to help you develop high converting ads & landing pages.

Design Pattern #20 : Exaggeration

How do you ethically exaggerate your product?

Design Pattern #20 : Exaggeration

We all love exaggeration. Whether its a child throwing tantrums in a supermarket because you refused to buy a chocolate or a politician convincing common man, how bad the opposing candidate is, or Mr. Beast making his next video.

Marketers use it too! But why?

Exaggeration catches attention:

And when used well it can highlight a key feature or benefit of your product that might go unnoticed otherwise.

BTW, HappyDent had to stop running their famous "Dikha Battisi" ad because they needed time to setup more factories to fulfill the demand. One of the classic examples in advertising that uses Exaggeration perfectly.

How to use it? Check 8 real world examples below👇

Use Persuasive Design Pattern #20 : Exaggeration, when you want your customer to know about,

  1. A specific feature of the product

  2. Importance of your product in customer's life in a particular moment

  3. Show what your product stands for

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