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persuasive design patterns

30+ visual design patterns to help you develop high converting ads & landing pages.

Design Pattern #16 : Payment Badges

A surprising obstacle stopping your customer from buying

Design Pattern #16 : Payment Badges

Most buyers will not even know why they are skeptical about buying from your website, but in their gut they know they should not buy.

What is stopping them?

Anxiety around Payment Method:

This anxiety can be caused because of fear of theft, uncertainty about the security of online transactions, or whether your customers have access to a certain type of payment method.

How do you provide a sense of security & legitimacy?

Show Payment Badges on ads & landing pages:

Most people will NOT click on the "Buy Button" until they are sure they can successfully complete the transaction.

This is why, stores that show PayPal badge have better conversions with American customers.


Because the customer knows that PayPal will make sure you get your money back in case of any fraud.

Check 9 other real world examples below 👇

Use Payment Badges Design Pattern, when you are offering,

1. Multiple Modes of Payment, especially Cash On Delivery

2. EMI option to buy your product

3. 100% Safe & Secure Payment at Checkout via reputed third party vendor

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