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persuasive design patterns

30+ visual design patterns to help you develop high converting ads & landing pages.

Design Pattern #8 : What's In The Box

When curiosity kills your conversions!

Design Pattern #8 : What's In The Box

In recent years, many companies have started to show what is inside their product's box in ads, instead of just the product itself. There is a reason one of the most viewed videos on YouTube are the unboxing videos.

But why is that???

To counter ambiguity!

Customers hate ambiguity. It paralyses them and stops them from taking action. They might be concerned about the sturdiness of the box, or the aesthetic if they are gifting, or different components within the box or any other reason.

So what do you do?

This is where Design Pattern #8 : What's In The Box comes in handy.

Check 5 real life examples

Summarizing, use What’s In The Box, when customers are anxious about-

- freshness of the product

- physical condition of the product & its handling during transport

- multiple parts of the product to be shipped together

- look of the packaging if product is meant for gifting

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